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 Keyuan group ltd is a Hong-Kong invested group specialized in the production of refined petrochemical productskeyuan,synthetic rubbers and thermoplastic elastomers. We offer you a wide range of petrochemicals with two production bases in mainland China, located in the Qingshi industrial zone of Ningbo city (Zhejiang) and in Qisha industrial zone of Fangchenggang city (Guangxi) respectively.
Our corporate group include our holding and shareholding:the Ningbo keyuan Plastics Co.,Ltd,Ningbo Keyuan Petrochemicals,Ningbo Keyuan Synthetic Rubbers Co., Ltd, Guangxi Keyuan New Materials Co.,Ltd andZhejiang Zhongke Xunen Import and Export Ltd.
Established in the April 2007, the Ningbo Keyuan Plastics Co.,Ltd is our main company of Keyuan group ltd in our Ningbo base. Taken the heavy oil as the raw material to encompass the entire products chain, we are specialized in the refine petrochemical and synthetic rubber production, our product are widely applicable for many industrial fields such as the petroleum products,petrochemicals,rubber,electronic cleaning and auto etc.