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Talent mindset

Core mindset: to offer a chance to the aggressive ones, to offer a career stage to capable ones, to commend the successful one. Riming would definitely treat people as elites given they are matching any of below points:

1. Credibility. The selected ones must ratify the corporate culture & development strategy of Riming, should be faithful to the company, and have good professional ethics.

2. Accomplishment. Riming would stress on capability of the people instead on diploma,unlike status, diploma, age, only the real capability talks. At present, technicians & middle management are in their 30’s on average, workshop managers are at 28 averagely. By & large, those who are capable, aggressive & accomplished would be taken by the company, finally those have become the pillar of the company.

3. Team spirit. Despite of individual outstanding capability, one can hardly accomplish something if not supported by an excellent team. A good team functions much better than the total sum of individuals, thus, we emphasize on a team spirit for everyone, we admire heroes, while individual heroism won’t be appreciated. A hero could set forward, while it’d be best if he could guide the whole team forward in best condition.

4.Survival of the fittest. We have shifted from individual selection to public selection, we would absolutely select the superior and eliminate the inferior.

5.Everyone is a talent. While choosing a talent, we would get rid of fixed modes or invade mystification, we would keep a tolerance from individual to individual. We regard a person as a talent as soon as he could make the best out of himself in an appropriate position. Keeping this principle in mind, we judge employees according to their different capabilities, specialties, experiences & characters, etc., & would fix a position for each one, wherefore, one could do his best in the most suitable position, which would finally promote the enterprise to move forward continuously, rapidly & efficiently.